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Our beginning...

It all started when Uno J. Lundquist was hired as a craftsman painter journeyman for J. Famer Heggem in 1935. Uno continued to work for Heggem until 1949 at which time he and his wife, Margit, opened their own company; Uno J. Lundquist Fine Painting and Decorating. The company, located at 2391 S. Downing Street, mainly specialized in fine residential custom painting and decorating and employed between four and eight craftsman.


In 1956 the company changed its name to Lundquist Paint Company. In that

same year, after graduating from South High School, Ron Lundquist, the middle son, joined the company as a full-time employee learning estimating while attending night school a the University of Denver. Bert Hanline, a retired PPG Paint rep was Ron’s mentor.


It wasn’t until 1960 that Lundquist formed a drywall division, along with the painting and decorating, employing 35 to 70 Journeymen. As the company grew in size, they relocated the office to 5310 Pacific Place. Projects included many schools and education facilities,

Martin Space Facilities and Titan Missile Sites and the first condo project in Vail for Al Cohan Construction.


In 1962 Lundquist Paint Company and J Famer Heggem decided to merge their companies to form Heggem-Lundquist Paint Company, which name remains to this day at the current location, 1391 South Cherokee Street in Denver. J. Famer Heggem later retired and Uno J. Lundquist passed away in 1976.

A family tradition

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For six years, Ron proudly served in the Colorado National Guard while working next to his father in the family business. He fondly remembers the day his dad realized the American dream of owning his own business.


Ron attributes his father's work ethic, and his fine painting and craftsman skills, to the success and longevity the company has enjoyed for 65 years.

The dream began when Uno went to work at Heggem Decorating in 1936 and when he opened his doors as Uno J. Lundquist Painting and Decorating in 1949. The two companies merged in 1965, and Heggem-Lundquist has been going strong ever since, serving the Denver metro area and the Front Range, providing quality workmanship in the construction industry.


Together with his children, Ron continues living his parents’ dream as a Colorado small business owner.

  • 1890 J Famer Heggem Fine Painting Founded by Knewt Heggem

  • 1935 Uno J Lundquist hired by Famer Heggem

  • 1956 Ron Lundquist Joins the Company

  • 1962 Lundquist and Heggem merge to form Heggem-Lundquist paint company

  • 1963 Drywall Division opens

  • 1980 Heggem Lundquist Gilds Capitol Building

  • 1985 Ruthanne joins the company

  • 1994 Kirk joins the company

  • 1996 Beth joins the company

  • 1999 HL celebrates 50 years in business

  • 2005 Succession plan to third generation

  • 2010 increased size of operations / revenue

  • 2014 Susan (family matriarch) passes away

  • 2015 Kirk leaves the business to relocate to Durango

  • 2019 HL Celebrates 70 years!

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