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Vice President

In 1996 after graduating from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, Beth, the youngest daughter of Ron Lundquist, joined the Heggem-Lundquist team. Twenty-four years later, Beth serves as the Directory of Safety fulfilling on the Company’s commitment to the safety and well-being of their employees – regarded in the HL culture as extended family. In addition to her role as Director of Safety, Beth, as co-owner and Vice President of the HL Board of Directors, partners with her sister in the development and execution of business strategies.  Beth’s 16 years of experience in Construction Estimating and Project Management along with her unwavering commitment to quality and safety make her a vital contributor in the development of operational improvements and a respected leader among employees, clients, and industry constituents.


Under Beth’s leadership safety became a priority to the family and to the team of Heggem-Lundquist.  Creating a ‘Top Down’ safety culture including buy-in from all employees has left Heggem-Lundquist with an outstanding EMOD rate within the construction industry over the last five years during years of accelerated growth.


Beth is an active member of the AGC Safety Committee, a board member of the Colorado Workman’s Comp Coalition. She is a committed trainer and coach known for keeping the team healthy and safe reminding employees on a daily basis that the number one safety goal of Heggem-Lundquist is for all employees to go home safely on a daily basis to their families, friends and outside interests.    


Like Ruthanne and the Lundquist family, Beth is passionate about sustaining the company/family legacy, the livelihood of the small business community in Denver, the long-term viability of the industry and trades and the well-being of HL employees.


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